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The second issue of the MCUR Digest ” Current events and Sustainable Development tendencies ” has been published. You can study the full text on the link.

The Digest of the MGIMO Center for Sustainable Development and ESG transformation is a constant informational source that accumulates the main world and Russian news on the global sustainable development agenda in various sectors of the economy and state regulation of ESG processes.

The MCUR Digest will be sent to subscribers each two weeks on Mondays free of charge, in the future, newsletters will be available in the MCUR Library. Executive editors – Kristina Zakharcheva (FPEK’17), Sofia Denisova (FPEK’20). Design and typography – Igor Rovenkov (FPEK’19).

We are always glad to receive your feedback and if you have the respective competencies, you will be placed on the list of experts for the basic headings of the MCUR Digest. For all questions and suggestions, please contact

School of Applied Economics and Commerce
Department of Integrated International Ecological Problems and Natural resources exploitation