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On December 2nd, the MGIMO Rector, Anatoly Torkunov, congratulated the staff of the Department of Integrated International Ecological Problems and Natural resources exploitation on the tenth anniversary of the Department and presented certificates of honor.

The meeting was opened by the Vice-Rector for General Affairs, A. V. Malgin. He pointed out the unique experience of the MKPPECO Department, which pioneered the development of the Natural Science bachelor’s degree at the MGIMO.

Rector A. Torkunov in his address stated that environmental issues were very acute in the modern world, including global warming, climate change, and environmental disasters – those issues were the number one priority today.

In ten years, the Department has done significant work that is notable and visible in the structure of the University: first of all, by its newsfeed, news reports, and faculty comments. It continues to evolve and fill its ranks with young, bright specialists, including those from the department’s alumni asset. Ecology, the rector noted, plays an important role both as an area of scientific knowledge and as an area of international cooperation. Today, the department must follow the path of developing its own environmental specialization and international relations, including those within the framework of Trianon dialogue.

R.A.Aliev, the head of the MKPPECO department, thanked the University administration for the care and attention to the development of the ecology and on behalf of all the staff of the department expressed his readiness for new achievements in the field of environmental education.

Graduate student Kristina Zakharcheva, a 2017 graduate student of the Department of MKPPECO, highlighted four main areas of development of the department: modernization of the department with the most current trends in modern educational technologies; rejuvenation and training not just environmentalists in the “traditional sense,” but training “consultants-managers for sustainable development”; opening the master’s program in sustainable development in corporate and public sector, as well as the masters in the energy sector; creation of the Center for Scientific Research. In conclusion, Rector Anatoly Torkunov awarded the MGIMO “For merits” sign to Ruslan Aliyev, the head of the department and awarded the honorary diplomas to the staff of the MKPPECO.

Deputy Director MIEP I.A.Guliev, Deputy Dean of FPEK Y.A.Khudyakova, students and graduates of the department were present at the solemn event.

Department of Integrated International Ecological Problems and Natural resources exploitation.