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On May 3rd, TASS hosted a roundtable dedicated to the formation of an infrastructure for environmentally friendly and responsible financing in Russia.

The role of the state, regulators, the financial sector, and their interaction in the formation of a sustainable green financial sector in the Russian Federation was discussed by the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on Climate Action Selwin Hart, UN Goodwill Ambassador Viacheslav Fetisov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprombank Elena Borisenko, Head of the UNEP Financial Initiative (UN Environment Program) Eric Usher, Lead of Climate Finance of the UNFCCC Grant Kirkman and Head of the Department for Financial and Banking Activities and Investment Development Alexander Kirevnin. The event was also attended by the Director of the MGIMO Center of Sustainable Development and ESG transformation, Head of the Department of Integrated International Ecological Problems and Natural Resources Exploitation
Ruslan Aliyev and Executive Secretary of the MCUR, Head of the MGIMO Eco-Community Aysuluu Amantasheva.

Russia must take part in the global movement to combat climate change, and the UN stands ready to support it in its achievement of zero carbon emissions balance. This was stated on Thursday by the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Climate Action Selwin Hart. “The key goal, which was formulated in 2015 Paris Agreement, is to limit global warming preferably to below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Both governments and actors in the economy strive for this <…>. Russia, of course, must be a member of this global movement. The UN is even more than willing to support you [Russia] as you enter this global coalition that is committed to zero carbon emissions under the Paris Agreements” Mr. Hart stated.

No sanctions should be applied to green investments; responsible financing should be available to everyone. This was stated by the State Duma deputy, UN Goodwill Ambassador Viacheslav Fetisov. “There should be no discrimination against the financing of what is important for the livelihood of future generations,” he stressed. In this regard, Russia is grateful to the UN, which is now working hard in this direction. According to Fetisov, problems related to ecology and healthcare are coming to the fore nowadays, and to solve them, “global collaboration” is needed. “It is important to note that, without the ecological prosperity of the Russian Federation, which has the largest territory and the largest resources, it will probably be impossible for the world to overcome with environmental challenges. Therefore, we are open, we want to interact with all partners and friends. I think this is the only correct way”, the politician concluded.

In the near future, Russia will launch the initiative “Alliance for the Promotion of a Carbon-Free Economy” on the All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation platform to build a dialogue between business and civil society. ” In the nearest future, on the platform of the organization led by me, we will create a space for dialogue between society and business. This will be an interesting initiative on its own, it will be called the Net-Zero Carbon Economy Alliance,” he said.

Fetisov also expressed his hope of support from the UN in this endeavour, which will become a good example for everyone. “We have no other planet. I am convinced that all together we are able to cope with any problems and win any game,” concluded Fetisov. In response, Adviser to the UN Secretary General on Climate Action Selwin Hart noted that the United Nations supports the idea of creation an Alliance based on the VOOP, the UN is ready to take part in joint work.

Department of Integrated International Ecological Problems and Natural resources exploitation
based on materials from
TASS and  the All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation