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MGIMO. GREEN FORUM “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: international experience, national regulation, corporate practice»

On April 6th, a Commemorative opening of two-day MGIMO.GREEN forum on “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: international experience, national regulation, corporate practice» was held.

The plenary session of “Sustainable Development: global change” was opened by the MGIMO rector Anatoly Torkunov, the special representative of the President of Russia on Relations with International Organisations to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals Anatoly Chubais, the Head of WWF Russia D.Y.Gorshkov, and the World Bank’s Country Director for the Russian Federation R. Seligmann.
“Our conference is an inaugural event for a new integrated area of research and MGIMO’s educational activity, which is Sustainable development. Today’s meeting, hopefully, will serve as an impetus for the young research structure of MGIMO – the Center of Sustainable Development, emerged at the junction of several faculties and initiative groups of professors and graduates of the university,” Anatoly Vasilyevich emphasized.
Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Relations with International Organisations to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals, Mr. Anatoly Chubais, spoke about what the concept of sustainable development means for business, Russia and individuals.
“Sustainable development does not take resources away from future generations. Can we increase oil production at a rate of 10% per year? We can. Where does it lead? This leads to the rise of the average temperature on the Globe by more than two degrees in relation to the pre-industrial period, resulting the large-scale of deforestation, loss of fertile soils, ice melting in the Arctic and Antarctic, an increasing level of the World Ocean with the destruction of several island states, and a radical reduction in the area of countries in which part of the territory has the outlets to the sea, the redistribution of biocenoses, the spread of diseases and thousands of other effects. In brief, the concept of sustainable development is an attempt to respond to the challenge called “limits to growth,” said Mr. Chubais.
Director of the World Natural Resources exploitation Fund in Russia D.Y. Gorshkov thanked MGIMO for raising environmental issues, he spoke about the activities of the World Natural resources exploitation Fund and its projects in Russia to preserve ecosystems, rare species, reserves and national parks, as well as about the goals of SD, on which the activities of the Fund are focused.

R. Seligmann, World Bank’s Country Director for the Russian Federation, expressed gratitude to MGIMO for paying attention to sustainable development and training diplomats, including in the environmental sphere. He spoke about the World Bank and the tasks on which the organization’s activities are concentrated.

The Vice-president of organizing committee of the Paris Peace Forum, professor of Department of Risk Management and Insurance, the senior banker of VEB.RF, Mr. Igor Jürgens, as well as the member of the Board of trustees of MGIMO, S.A. Storchak, deputy head of Federal Service of Federal Accreditation Service, Mr. Dmitry Gogolev, and director of the UN Information center in Moscow, Mr. Vladimir Kuznetsov, made a speech at a plenary session “Russian Climatic Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals”.

The Focus of attention were the questions of students’ training for the new “green” economy, activity of the state regarding sustainable development, a role of Vnesheconombank in creation of the Russian system of sustainable funding of “green” projects, a role of national projects of the UN in the agenda of sustainable development, implementation of measures to control greenhouse gas emissions.

The third plenary session was devoted to the issues of sustainable development in practice of the Russian and foreign corporations. Presentations were made by the CEO of Felder Group Russia A.S. Samsonov, the Director of Environmental and Climate Affairs at NLMK Group N.I. Vorobyev, the CEO of the platform of clean technology “KSTEK” S. Anrion, the Chairman of the “Green Initiative Project” Coordinating Committee, Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Association of European Businesses, Co-Chairman of the Russian-Italian Dialogue Forum E. Ferlenghi, the Director for Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions of Metalloinvest Management Company Y. Gavrilov. The discussion was moderated by R.A. Aliyev, the Head of the Department of Integrated International Ecological Problems and Natural resources exploitation.
The subject matter was on sustainable development practices in heavy industries, training of specialists for the industry, climate strategies of enterprises, international cooperation development in environmental and climate issues, green technologies, systemic transformations to achieve the SDGs, etc.

On April 17th, the Student Forum Day was held, the main event of which was the roundtable “Environmental transformation of business. Responsible consumption and eco-culture”. The first deputy chairman of the State Duma of the Committee for Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs, member of the MGIMO Supervisory Board V.A. Fetisov and Chief Executive Officer of Association of European Businesses T. Schilling took part in the discussion. The conference hosted the Young Ecologist award ceremony, as well as a master class from the chef Sergey Kuznetsov (Kitchen TV channel).

Throughout the whole forum, an exhibition “Ecology and the connection between man and nature” and an exhibition of the results of the Russian-Austrian FORORUAT photo competition were presented in the atrium.