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On April 7th, the meeting of the Academic council was held. The meeting addressed issues on the decisions of the MGIMO Supervisory Board, amendments to the effective contract, implementation of the Action Plan to improve the efficiency of IMI activities for 2019–2024. (road map) and the MGIMO Center of Sustainable Development and ESG transformation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Anatoly Torkunov congratulated his colleagues who recently celebrated their anniversaries – V.N.Shitov and V.B. Kirillov – and presented them with awards. For merits in scientific and pedagogical activities and training of highly qualified personnel, Professor V.N.Shitov was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the President of Russia, as well as the Order of MGIMO “For Merit”. For many years and effective work at the University, the MGIMO Order “For Merit” was awarded to the Vice-Rector for Language Instruction and Pre-University Training, professor of the IPSEA department V.B. Kirillov. For dedicated work at the University, the MGIMO Medal was awarded to the ESI Deputy Director for academic work O. N. Barabanov.

In a festive atmosphere, the Academic Council awarded diplomas and commemorative medals of Russian President Vladimir Putin to MGIMO volunteers. For his disinterested contribution to the organization of the All-Russian action of mutual assistance “#MiVmeste” were awarded Y.V. Belkov (3 FLMK, Odintsovo), S.M. Ladyzhensky (2 MIEP-Odintsovo), D.S. Ponomareva (3 MZh), M. R. Surmenelyan (3 FUP), A.V. Turyanskiy (2 MIEP-Odintsovo), P.V. Shekhodanova (1 MEO) and Deputy Head of the Department for Educational Work, Kh.F. Khasan.

V.V. Shapovalov, assigned as the acting dean of faculty of MBDA, was presented to members of the Academic council.

The working part of the meeting opened up with a speech by Anatoly Torkunov, who provided information on the decisions of the MGIMO Supervisory Board, as well as on the progress in the implementation of the University Development Strategy until 2025. The Rector focused on three main areas of work. Firstly, this is educational work that requires students and teachers to master new competencies, including those related to digitalization. Anatoly Torkunov expressed gratitude to the teaching staff of the MGIMO, which demonstrated the ability to quickly switch to online training in the emergency conditions of the pandemic. Surveys showed that 85% of students were satisfied with that job. Speaking about online technologies, the rector brought to the attention the fact that they should be used more not only for teaching purposes, but also in managing and improving the quality of education.

Secondly, Anatoly Torkunov named the expansion of cooperation of higher education institutions with schools as one of the key areas of work, which should be expressed in the creation of an “university ecosystem” that would allow active interaction with regional and Moscow schools. To implement that direction, the MGIMO made a personnel decision on the introduction of the position of vice-rector for pedagogical programs, general and secondary vocational education and the appointment of the director of the Gorchakov Lyceum Roman Kotov to this position.

As the third direction of the University’s development, the rector spoke about the planned reconstruction of the MGIMO Library named after I. G. Tyulin. It is planned to transform the library into a multifunctional center, that includes a museum center, opportunities for individual work of the teaching staff, space for student co-working. The project will be implemented with the support of a group of companies by Vladimir Potanin, Deputy Chairman of the MGIMO Board of Trustees.

Further, the meeting continued with the report of the Vice-Rector for Human Resources Vladimir Morozov on the new edition of the effective contract. Highlighting the results of the implementation of an effective contract over the past year, Vladimir Mikhailovich presented a new edition. The project submitted for consideration prompted a discussion, in which N.B. Kuzmina, M.M. Lebedeva, O.B.Pichkov, M.A.Troitsky, and G.P. Tolstopyatenko took part. The project, which was the result of the work of a specially created commission, was approved by the Academic Council.

The next was the speech of the director of the IMI, Andrey Sushentsov. He presented the results of the IMI’s work on the implementation of the roadmap for increasing the efficiency of the institute, talking about promising areas of work. The Academic Council approved the report and recommended to work out the issues of creating a program for the development of a scientific magistracy, integrated with postgraduate studies, as well as the prospects for commercializing the results of applied research in cooperation with industrial partners.

In continuation of the decision taken at the March meeting of the Academic Council to establish an International Center of Sustainable Development (ICSD), the Academic Council listened to the report of the Head of the Department of Risk Management and Insurance Capitolina Tourbina. She spoke about the planned applied scientific and educational work of the Center for 2021-2022 and about the events that were organized by the MCUR over the past month.

The Academic Council approved the cost and indexation of training, considered competition cases and issues of recommendation for the assignment of academic titles.

Academic Secretary